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    Re: MailChimp Newsletter Sidebox

    All good have a good rest of the week
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    Re: MailChimp Newsletter Sidebox

    Thanx Frank18
    I got em all taken care of.
    Sidebox works just fine
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    Re: MailChimp Newsletter Sidebox

    The wheels of the Bus LOL,
    All is good
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    Re: MailChimp Newsletter Sidebox

    Since we choose to run KSplice and Cloudlinux we are not required to reboot the server to update the kernel so yes rest assured we are all up to date
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    Re: MailChimp Newsletter Sidebox

    Hey Judy, before trying to toss someone under the bus realize that php 5.6 has been available for quite awhile
    Since you client and apparently yourself had the ability to PUSH THE BUTTON maybe you...
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    v154 Re: Looking for hosting recommendations
  7. v154 Re: Host upgraded servers now customers can't complete an order

    Did you ever install the Super Orders add on?
  8. v151 Re: Suddenly getting: Could not instantiate mail function error

    Remember to ask your host if you need to use secure settings and what they are for smtpauth, PCI Compliance is getting to be hard to work with and servers that are set up and are compliant no...
  9. v139f Re: zen cart barraged with IP's adding huge amount of items to cart

    Session Ids are the ame because there is a link posted somewhere with the zenId on it
  10. v154 Re: Allow customers to leave review without logging in or being an existing customer

    Just wondering, Why would someone want to come to your site and leave a review of something they didnt purchase?
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    v154 Re: Paypal transactions not completing.

    Is this due to the upgrades paypal announced, regarding SSL ( requiring sha2 ) and RC4 cipher
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    Re: 500 Error after Upgrading to 1.5.4

    Check file and folder permissions,
    Assuming suphp folders should be 755 and files 644 with the exception being /includes/configure.php set to 444
  13. v154 Re: Could not locate language file: includes/languages/english/modules/order_total/

    developers toolkit, search all files for ot_firsttime.php if the file is formatted it will show you where its at
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    v154 Re: CK Editor driving me mad!!!

    admin -> configuration -> my store. go to the bottom of the page and set editor to ckeditor
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    v154 Re: continuous log file error

    What are lines 10 through 15
  16. Re: My website won't work!!

    Those who need to know will get this reference and had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OP

    I Smell Flipper involvement
  17. v154 Re: Getting "Error 35: SSL connect error" on CURL test

    not an answer but a question

    Why do you feel you cant upgrade a 4 year old cart?
  18. v154 Re: (AIM) not setting correct order status (started post v1.5.4 upgrade

    Time to ask the DOOOH question,
    Did you uninstall and re-install the Mod to set any changes in the new files
  19. v153 Re: Help! (AIM) module has no error messages, but is not processing pay

    Ok try something super simple,
    Uninstall the module from your ZC admin clear your cache( just in case )
    Re-Install the Module
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    v154 Re: Upgraded to v1.5.4, and the search is SUPER SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW..

    Works like a charm on the dev server,
    What did you change? have you applied it to the Live server yet?
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    v154 Re: Upgraded to v1.5.4, and the search is SUPER SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW..

    When I went and looked at the site and ran a search for Soccer, I found 122 products and also weird information about catalogs and ez pages

    Text found in Category:

    Item: Name and text
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    v154 Re: Admin page is wrong.

    Check Ownership and permissions of the files and folders
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    v154 Re: Change Template

    Well the nice thing about having it the way that WHMCS does is that you can make changes to ONLY the template you are working on and you can STILL have everyone go to the live site,
    NO need to have...
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    v154 Change Template


    Im wondering, has anyone thought about making template changes available in the URL
    Software we use allows us to ad variables to the URL to change template on the fly
    ?systpl=NAME ...
  25. Re: Upgraded from 1.5.1 to 1.5.4 but now just see blank page on my domain and admin l

    Make sure to check file ownership and permissions
  26. v139h Re: zc_install only says re-check - won't upgrade

    Diva, I ran into this the other day and Barco gave me the suggestion to actually rename the admin folder to admin
    it works, Servers running suphp dont need to change the file permissions
  27. v139h Re: zc_install only says re-check - won't upgrade

    Had this happen yesterday,
    rename the (ADMIN ) back to admin and run the installer
  28. v139f Re: Still, feel confused about the hosting for zen cart(v139f)

    Please make sure to make recommendations in Private message
  29. v139f Re: Moved to new host - need help with configure files!

    when I move a site to a new server, I use blank config files and run the Installer once I have all the files moved into place, let the installer create the config files for you, then upload your...
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    Re: Question about SSL score "B"

    Since the presence of RC4 ciphers are causing PCI compliance failure it might just stop paypal from working, Not sure just something to think about
  31. v151 Re: PHP warnings suddenly start appearing in the log folder

    I just checked several other 1.5.1 sites on the server and they are not throwing errors. That should help with the troubleshooting a bit
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    v151 Re: 'Unsecured Items' with SSL

    Another reason someone might get this is if your SSL is linked to the shared IP address ( SNI )
    The combination of Windows XP and IE8 will cause this error
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    v150 Re: Mobile Friendly

    Ok, now lets expand on my last question? Why do you think that you would have to redo all those modules if you add a responsive template?
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    v151 Re: backup of zen cart

    Discovered the issue,
    Connection dropped after the cache was created, auto reconnected and then because it started writing the file and connection was dropped it then it started to rewrite the file...
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    v150 Re: Mobile Friendly

    I guess I will ask the question here that no one has touched on,
    Why do you think that a responsive template wont work for your site? Why is that not an option, Not picking just trying to get more...
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    v151 Re: backup of zen cart

    If you only have a Zen Cart in your public_html then you need All the files and folders ( exceptions are cgi-bin, docs, extras, cache )
    If you are getting a duplicate target file name then your ftp...
  37. Re: change /index.php?main_page=index to just /

    you would need to choose one of the SEO url modules available in the plugins section ( Link in Header )
  38. v150 Re: PayPal Website Payments Pro still asking for SSL...

    you need to set both your admin urls to ssl in the /(admin)/includes/configure.php that will take care of the session problem
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    Re: whynopadlock shows aform ssl error

    Unless you are planning on running your entire site in secure then why are you running whynopadlock on a page thats designed to NOT have a padlock, IF you want to run your site completely secure then...
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    v153 Re: Moved To New Server, store Not Working

    Thats sounds nice of them, my offer still stands if you would like to keep it where it is and save the $$ as intended
  41. v150 Re: Is is possible for customers to enter their own price for a gift voucher

    You can set the product to $1.00 then let them order the number they want
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    Re: sqlpatch.php blocked by webhost

    I can tell you, I wish it was that easy
  43. v139h Re: What are Dangers of Moving to a New Server?

    Just remember that you need to manually change the /includes/configure.php and the (admin)/includes/configure.php
    there are several lines there that you will need to change from...
  44. v139h Re: Moving Site - Database Configuration?

    the subscription is cancelled, your hosting account is NOT, a quick look in your client area would have told you that much, also I left you a message that if you needed anything just let me know and...
  45. v139h Re: Moving Site - Database Configuration?

    Kevin, Please if your going to tell it tell it straight, I called you to let you know what was going on with the service, and as usual you got DRAMA, Yes there is an issue with server 11, we have...
  46. v139h Re: Moving Site - Database Configuration?

    also make sure the server paths are correct in the config files,
  47. v139h Re: Moving Site - Database Configuration?

    Kevin , the issue would be that you need to lose the create database from the top of the sql file, you need to then create a new database and import it,
    you would figure that you would have that...
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    v139h Re: Credit Card - Offline Processing

    Im in agreement here,
    WE are actually tossing oround the idea that Vger uses and not even allow the module to be used on the servers
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    Re: ProPay add on?

    Its good to hear that there seems to no longer be a fee to use propay API
    Please notice the date this post was created.
    I know for a fact that there was a LARGE fee to use the API back when this...
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    Re: Uploading the Shops CSV Files - EZ Pop

    Hello Arran,

    I just wanted to go ahead and post here quick,
    I have replied to your ticket on our system,

    Just a few quick points,

    You asked about easy populate and Mike informed you...
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