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  1. Re: Implementing 3D Secure (Cardinal) using WPP (UK)

    Same as the above, we have heavily modified Zencart 1.3.8

    Can we copy the paypal module from the 1.3.9 beta and drop into 1.3.8 or is it dependent of other changes within that version?
  2. Re: Implementing 3D Secure (Cardinal) using WPP (UK)

    I agree with the previous two posts.

    I have nothing but respect for the work that the Zen cart team puts in, however, our company just cannot afford to move forward with an e-commerce solution...
  3. Re: Implementing 3D Secure (Cardinal) using WPP (UK)

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks the update, its encouraging that you are making progress, I hope you manage to get this issue sorted out before the deadline.
  4. Re: Implementing 3D Secure (Cardinal) using WPP (UK)

    This issue is going to cause havoc for a large amount of Zencart users , especially developers that have more than one customer website running on Zencart.

    Is there any progress on this yet? Can...
  5. Re: Implementing 3D Secure (Cardinal) using WPP (UK)

    We're into January now, any news on 3D secure integration? If not, are there any third party solutions of any kind?
  6. Re: 10413 Transaction refused because of an invalid argument

    I am currently having this problem and have spent nearly two days reading forum threads and trying fixes.

    I have made the change as suggested by Dr Byte which in his own words is "A workaround...
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    Re: Product Price Manager and base prices

    Actually, even if I set a base price to not include any decimal places, e.g £17 I still have the same problem

    17/11 = 1.54545....

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    Re: Product Price Manager and base prices

    Thanks Ajeh,

    This is exactly the problem that I was having. Because of the .99 its impossible to get this working within the current functionality.

    Are there any modules that would make this...
  9. Re: How to get Gross price to show and not nett in store and admin?

    I also want to give this a thumbs up. :clap:

    Having spent ages looking at threads talking about code changes etc , a simple config change is such a relief
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    Re: Product Price Manager and base prices

    Still stuck on this one..

    Is the functionality to do this part of the standard zencart install?
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    Product Price Manager and base prices


    I'm trying to get a very simple pricing system working for a product.

    If you order 10 roses it costs a standard price of£16.99 ( minimum order allowed is 10 )

    Any extra rose beyond...
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    Re: "Quick Order" page

    I'm still stuck on this...

    Do I need to write a custom addon or module? And if so, where would you guys recommend that I start?

    I could really do with advice as I need this page up and running...
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    "Quick Order" page

    How would I go about achieving a "Quick Order" page?

    The page would presents the user with three drop down menus

    Price Range, Occasion & Budget

    Based on the selection the user is returned a...
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    New page with custom form & sql query

    I have read through the documentation and haven't come across an answer to this, apologies if I have missed out on something.

    How to I create brand new pages backed by custom logic in it's own...
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