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    Re: Can I "Hide" a product?

    I have a "hidden" category set up which is disabled. I have another category within this category which is active and has active product. I made all the modifications as you specified but the...
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    Re: Can I "Hide" a product?

    Hi Deepnet,
    Was there something needing to be added to link my specific Hidden folder?
    I tried modifying all the files you said but no luck. No change at all infact

    thanks in advance
  3. Gift certificate and discount coupon time outs

    Hi Im struggling with this issue.
    Pretty much finished my site and am testing all its features to make sure everything works before I move it to its proper domain.
    Ive found that, as a customer,...
  4. Re: Limit number of products a customer can buy from a category

    Has anyone figured this out? I'd like very much to incorporate this feature into my site as well.
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