URL: http://www.mindyourbusines.com

Simple e-books and e-plans shop for the ultralight aviation enthusiast worldwide.

I wanted to build myself a helicopter and couldn't find anything reliable as plans online, I studied and made my own helicopter plans! Soon for sale.

I started building my first prototype and encountered a huge amount of trouble, misconfidence, bad folks hindering me, but also nice folks willing to help, advice or share their experience.

And finshed the money before finishing the helicopter... lol.

I wrote a book about understanding aerodynamics and flight without formulas, as they were discovered in their early days.

I have put in a buch of funny stories that thaught me aerodynamics while learning how to calculate my helicopter, and during the construction.

So I came to Zencart, out of the nedd of putting up a site to sell my e-book, now in translation in many languages.

I could of done a simple paypal button, but hey... I intend to do things big time here, sell e-plans, my drawings, e-books and later on even parts and whole new or refurbished flight machines.

Are you with me?