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The staff of The Fishwrapper welcomes you to this exciting paper that has become a favorite of young and old alike. This is a bi-weekly newspaper with the objective of bringing inspirational reading, uplifting articles and information everyone can use. We hope you will find it refreshing, thought provoking and motivating as you face the challenges of everyday life.

Where did we get our name. The Fishwrapper name comes from a practice done long ago. Merchants would wrap fish their clients purchased in old newspapers so they could be easily carried with little mess. The newspaper of course became soaked, smelled of fish, and was probably best discarded. Eventually people made an association between the worthlessness of the paper and the credibility of a questionable comment or story. They would reply with a bit of sarcasm, “Yeah I saw that in the Fishwrapper”, indicating that it was meaningless and doubtful and perhaps even offensive.

It is our hope that you will find this publication to be of benefit. If you find a little encouragement, an inspiring thought, a little humor, or just some common sense direction by reading this paper, then our purpose has been achieved.