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Welcome to LexaLu.com, essential accessories! You have something from LexaLu, and hopefully, the rest will fall into its place. LexaLu Jewelry & Style Lines are all about natural stones and unique designs with mixed media. Natural stones, after thousands of years of formation and reformation, are believed to possess healing features -- a way for you to reconnect with nature and strengthen your spiritual well being. Our fabric and woven necklaces, earrings and bracelets are rare in the market. Shinning hair introduces popular hair accessories. The Lexalu Art of Space presents Hanging Ornaments which are lucky charms with a long history. These exotic ornaments are believed to expel the evil spirit and wickedness and to bring auspiciousness and prosperity. For peace, love and protection, they can be hung on door knobs at home, on the office wall, in your car, or simply on the tree, or attached to instruments, handbags, or backpacks as you wish. Bamboo for Living introduces unique bamboo products to give your place a new look. Little Magnets can bring a world of culture, architecture and history to you. Lexalu Gift Bags are designed with selected products. With Lexalu Gift Certificate, your recipients will appreciate your discovery of their essential accessories. LexaLu photo cards are designed by LexaLu artists, who have traveled around the world to capture the images. Whether you shop by occasion or you are a seasoned collector, Lexalu is a perfect site for one stop shopping.