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Lavender Rose Soothing Balms and Oils

All of our products are homemade in small batches, using our own unique recipes. The majority of our products are made with all natural ingredients and essential oils, though we do offer some fragrance oils. Our essential oils are also powerful aromatherapy treatments.

Among our products is a unique bar that is a SOLID balm. At first glance, most people mistake our beneficial, long lasting balms for soap. They are easy to use and mild enough for facial use. Our unique balms have been formulated to soften, protect and heal dry skin from the effects of our harsh New Hampshire weather.

Our Sweet Releaf helps relieve the painful itch of eczema, while softening crusty, dark patches. While it was made specifically for ezcema, we have found a number of other amazing uses including pain relief from sore muscles and arthritis.

Our Hot Stuff is another very popular product. It is a soothing, icy hot therapy that is used in a hot shower or bath to relieve pain and muscle aches.