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    Default Duplicate orders using Cybersource

    Is anyone else experiencing duplicate orders using the cybersource payment gateway?

    I am on v 1.2.6 and am having a problem where an order seems to be missed. What will happen is someone will place an order, they get sent back to the last confirmation screen with a general error message and never are able to process the order. In the meantime, cybersource charges the card and the next person that comes through places their order which is the same as the other order Number in cybersource but zencart never actually gets the order.

    I would be willing to pay anyone willing to rewrite the cybersource gateway script for zencart.
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    Default Re: Duplicate orders using Cybersource

    Over the last two years, monitoring reported anomalies on the ZC Forum pertaining to the CyberSource Payment Module, I found that the majority of these anomalies are related to 2 major causes:

    Improper CyberSource Business Center parameter settings
    Only the Silent Order POST (SOP) Connection Method along with a SSL certificate installed on the ZC Host will provide a satisfactory environment. I have not seen one working environment using the Hosted Order Page Connection Method and I was never successful in implementing such an environment. CyberSource SOP Userís Manual installation instructions must be strictly adhered to. Involuntary mixing the SOP and HOP connection method settings is a sure way to unsuccessful testing.
    A corollary of improper parameters settings is the wrong interpretation of the meaning of a specific setting. Smart Auth Settings for address or card verification being a good example of this interpretation problem.
    Please verify your CyberSource Business Center settings against a known working set:
    Incompatible Host server environment (mostly certain php builds)
    From your description and without further investigation, it seems that the problem may be related to your host server, unless numerous ZC modifications were implemented. Please review recent history of php build implementation on the host server and see if the problem coincides with any such build implementation.
    My suggestion is to move to ZC v1.3.8 as a first step. Should the problem persists, then install a debug logging utility to track php errors:
    You may find a case where an error is never reported (the cybs_sha1() function being a well known case).
    The incompatible php build environment is not easy to identify and, I found it mostly a case-by-case process. Experience is the better guide, so your Host Provider Support Team is a first choice.




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