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    red flag Is there any way to speed up this page load?

    I realize that my Internet connection is not perfect, I am on a very High Latency Satellite Connection. This is mostly a stock 1.3.7 template with a few minor changes.

    This page Times Out - 9 out of 10 times for me, doesn't load all of the images or doesn't read the css and I get a text version with no formatting or plain does not load.

    Is there any way to speed things up besides moving to a different host. We are in peak season and I don't have time to move this site. I realize that there are almost 200 categories on this page with images to load. I use IH2 so all of the images are cached and optimized.

    Parse Time: 5.942 - Number of Queries: 1112 - Query Time: 2.20983734572

    Again my connection may be the culprit, but can anyone else reach this page 100% of the time?

    You input and comments are really appreciated.
    JOhn ><>
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    Default Re: Is there any way to speed up this page load?

    Loads every time for me on a pretty fast DSL, but it is slow.

    Parse time: 5.168 Query time: 1.338 1112 queries

    My guess is that the problem has to do with the very large number of categories.

    Have you turned Gzip on?

    Try (if you haven't already) searching the forum for 'slow' and 'categories'. Lots of threads about that.



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