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    Default Blank page comes up after clicking "Add to Cart"

    Hi there
    I am using Cherry Zen Template, and found two problems.

    1) A blank page comes up once I click "Add to cart" button for any product. I have to click go back and shopping cart to view the content.

    2) Also a black page comes up when I tried to changes and updates the quantity of product in shopping cart.

    Here is my site:

    I have posted same question in Cherry Zen Thread, they said it is not template issue but file issue.
    How can I fix the problems??

    Many Thanks

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    Default Re: Blank page comes up after clicking "Add to Cart"

    Tutorials/FAQ's in the top nav nar on this page is a source you can use and not have to wait for one to see your post for most basic issues like this

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    Default Re: Blank page comes up after clicking "Add to Cart"

    No blank pages here in either IE7 or FF.



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