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    image problem Change from Paypal Express to Paypal Standard

    I have recently set up Paypal Express but want to change to Standard as I don't want the Paypal button on the checkout before the client has a chance to select shipping etc and from what I can see the Standard version is more user friendly.

    I have a Paypal Business account and API Username Password and Signature code

    So do I just need to install the Paypal Standard Module in Zen switch the API info and then uninstall the Express Module, or is there more to it?


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    Default Re: Change from Paypal Express to Paypal Standard

    You can turn off your Express Checkout module in your admin area.
    Then you can install the Website Payments Standard module. Some installation instructions are on that module's settings before you click Install.
    You'll also find setup and troubleshooting tips here:

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