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    Default Formatting SQL query results

    I'm working on developing a add on that will allow store owners to enter retail locations of where to buy their products through the admin.

    I have all of the admin files ready and tested. I also have the front end files working but would like to tweak the formatting of the query results....

    I would like to make the query once, then if the state equals something (say CA) then all stores in CA would be printed with a fieldset around the results. The printing should then move on the next state and print those results. I can get it working with a WHERE statement in the query, but I don't want to do 50 queries, just one.

    Here's what I have:
    global $db;
    $row = 0;
    $stores = $db->Execute("SELECT stores_name, stores_address_1, stores_address_2, stores_city, stores_state, stores_zip, stores_phone, stores_url 
                            from " . TABLE_STORES . "
                            WHERE stores_state = 'ca'
                            order by stores_name" );
    if ($stores->RecordCount() > 0)                    
    echo '<fieldset><legend>California</legend><table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tr>';
    while (!$stores ->EOF) {
    echo '<td valign="top" width="33%">';
    echo $stores->fields['stores_name'] . '<br />';
    if ($stores->fields['stores_address_1']) {
    echo $stores->fields['stores_address_1'] . '<br />';
    if ($stores->fields['stores_address_2']) {
    echo $stores->fields['stores_address_2'] . '<br />';
    if ($stores->fields['stores_city']) {
    echo $stores->fields['stores_city'] . ', ';
    if ($stores->fields['stores_state']) {
    echo $stores->fields['stores_state'] . ' ';
    if ($stores->fields['stores_zip']) {
    echo $stores->fields['stores_zip'] . '<br />';
    if ($stores->fields['stores_phone']) {
    echo $stores->fields['stores_phone'] . '<br /> ';
    if ($stores->fields['stores_url']) {
    echo '<a href="http://' . $stores->fields['stores_url'] . '"target=_blank">'. $stores->fields['stores_url'] . '</a>';
    echo "<br /><br />\n";
    echo '</td>';
    if ((($row / 3) == floor($row / 3))) {
    echo '</tr></table></fieldset>';
    I think I need to make the stores_state a variable based on the query but I can't get it to work. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Formatting SQL query results

    1. Change your query to remove the WHERE clause and change your ORDER BY clause to be: stores_state ASC, stores_name

    2. Move your "echo" for the fieldset to inside the while loop, where indicated in the next item:

    3. Just before the $row++ add some new lines:
    $display_fieldset_wrapper = false;
    if ($last_state != $stores->fields['stores_state']) {
      $last_state = $stores->fields['stores_state'];
      $display_fieldset_wrapper = true;
    if ($display_fieldset_wrapper) {
      echo your fieldset echo here
    4. before the MoveNext() command, add another echo:
    if ($display_fieldset_wrapper) {
      echo your /fieldset echo here

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