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    Default Does Zencart Work With Worldpay?


    I have just set up Zencart and want to use my current merchant provider Worldpay but although orders go through and payment is made, the orders are not appearing in the Admin section of the store. Also the information specifying the items that were actually ordered are not appearing in the Worldpay payment notification. Under 'Description' it just says 'Purchase from <Company Name> so I have no idea what was actually ordered.

    Is this a Zencart or Worldpay problem and how do I fix it?

    Also, under 'Flat rate Shipping', how do you add 'Shipping Zones', At the moment all mine says is None & Florida and I can't see where to add other countries.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Does Zencart Work With Worldpay?

    I had problems with zen cart also. In the end I stuck with an other shopping cart as the worldpay module is much better. Althouth it doesnt callback when you cancel an order, you dont lose any order details as they are added to the database on checkout confirmation.
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    Default Re: Does Zencart Work With Worldpay?

    There is currently security problem with WorldPay module
    for zencart and you are advised NOT TO USE until dev
    has fixed...suggest you search forums and find MAIN
    support thread
    Dezina ZenCart Templates
    Please do not PM for support queries..Post in others



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