I just set up authorize.net SIM on a client's shop, and it's not working the way SIM is supposed to work. I've used the SIM setup before on non-zen sites, so I know how it works.

SIM is supposed to post the order data to the Authorize.net hosted payment page, and then the user enters their credit card number and such. But...zen isn't behaving that way. The Authorize.net SIM module is the only payment module I have activated, and here is what it is doing. During checkout, zen cart asks for the customer's CC information and then posts it to the Authorize.net gateway. This is behaving like AIM, not SIM.

I don't know what's going on here, but it's pretty odd. Has anyone else experienced this? The user should never have to input CC information on the shop site, but instead only on the authorize.net hosted payment page -- similar to paypal.

We have a basically unmodified version of zen cart 1.3.7 (just theme-modified), running on a standard Hostgator server. Nothing out of the ordinary...except for SIM not working right.

Any help would be appreciated.