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    Default Shipping Method detail in packing slip

    Hi All,

    Im trying to show $SHIPPING_METHOD_DETAIL rather than $shipping_method. (This was from one of the email templates)

    I have found the code to replace this however think that Im missing something that gets this info from the data base as when I replace the above it doesnt give me anything.

    Im trying to display this in the packing slip under orders.

    Any help in the right direction would be great.



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    Default Re: Shipping Method detail in packing slip

    Not sure if this gets at the field you want, but here's what I ended up doing for this:

    Search for the text ENTRY_PAYMENT_METHOD and add the following tr-block after the tr-block you find that text in.
            <td class="main"><b><?php echo "Shipping Method:"; ?></b></td>
            <td class="main"><?php echo $order->info['shipping_method']; ?></td>



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