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    Default Re: Global price change?

    Backup first!
    You will probably need to go in reverse order to prevent moving a lower priced item into a medium price and then upping it when increasing the medium.
    In other words, start with the higher and work down to the <=10GBP. Doing a 9 to start would move it to 18 which would again be changed when you did the 11-50.

    Try using this (NOT TESTED)
    UPDATE products
    SET products_price
    = products_price * 1.35
    WHERE products_price => "51"
    AND products_price <= "100"
    Next, you'd go to the 11-50 prices and lastly, the 0-10 items.
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    Default Re: Global price change?

    My apologies if this has been asked and answered.

    My client gave me the wrong price list and after doing over 550 attributes that are for items priced by attributes, he gave me the correct price list.

    So...I too need to do a price increase of 7% on items priced by attributes. The issue is 90% of my products are priced by attributes. Is it possible to do a percentage increase. I saw Ajeh's post on changing the dollar amount, will the same idea work for a percentage? While I am at it, for future reference, is it possible to do the same but base it on a specific category as well?

    Thank you in advance for any help.


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    Default Re: Global price change?

    Hi All,

    So im assuming

    UPDATE `zen_products` SET `products_price`=`products_price`+7.50 adds /$7.50 to all my product range and

    UPDATE products SET products_price = products_price * 1.25;

    does 25% accross the range

    so heres the question, can i do a global decrease as in

    UPDATE products SET products_price = products_price -* 1.25;


    UPDATE `zen_products` SET `products_price`=`products_price`-7.50


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