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    Default Image Swapper not using fual slimbox to display images

    I do appologise for being a bit of a noob, but ive just installed Image Swapper on my test site, along with tabbed products pro, and after finally manging to merge the two tpl product info files i managed to get tabbed products pro working but image swapper won't use fual slimbox to display the images in a light box. The large image just opens in a popup. Ive gone back over the installation several times, checking that ive done everything ok and im pretty sure that I've done everything just so, I've been going round in circles, reading loads of posts on here, but I just dont know what to try next.
    my site is (user and pass is mark) and ive put a product into the greeting card category. Please could someone give me an idea of whats going on please. or what to try next.

    Many thanks. Mark
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