I'm just wondering if someone can help me please? Is there somewhere that I can read step-by-step instructions for setting up PayPal Website Payments Pro and PayPal Express Checkout?

I thought it seemed pretty straight forward but it's not working for me!

I originally had PayPal Express set up and working fine when I set the mode to 'PayPal' and with the API settings pasted in.

However, I read that for Website Payments Pro to work correctly I need to select 'Payflow UK' so that I can enter my PayPal Manager Info as this has to be done in the Express Checkout module.

I'm no pro coder or anything like that but it makes sense that it should be setup like that so that when using Pro you are still offering Express as per PayPals rules.

But... when I change the 'mode' in Express from PayPal to Payflow-UK and try to process a live payment the 'your order is being processed' screen appears but then I am returned to my shopping cart.

Please can anyone give me any ideas about what I am doing wrong, or point me in the direction of some easy to understand instructions

My PayPal Manager account is active/live so there shouldn't be any problems there. I am confused!

Many thanks in advance


P.S. What should I select in the debug mode for both also?