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    Default Help: Spanish version goes blank when changing index.php

    So I just uploaded the Spanish front end only pack and as soon as I uploaded it, it worked, but of course I need to make some adjustments as taking out the greeting line and change the logo in the header, etc.

    Anyways, I decided to start by making some changes to the INDEX.PHP file and placed it inside includes/languages/spanish/MYCUSTOM/index.php. I refreshed my website and now when clicking on the SPANISH FLAG in just loads a blank page. how can I fix it?

    Also, in the SPANISH PACK there is a folder named SIMPLE ZEN where there is an header.php file (besides the one that is in the Spanish main directory)... what should I do with it? should I move it to MYCUSTOM folder? when making changes to the header.php, should I make it in the SIMPLE ZEN folder???

    BTW - the pack does not come with installation instructions.

    Please advise.


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    Default Re: Help: Spanish version goes blank when changing index.php

    I just decided to DELETE the index.php that I had made updates to from includes/languages/spanish/MYCUSTOM folder, and now the website in both english and spanish appears as well. NEVERTHELESS, I need to make changes to my index.php in spanish and other php files in Spanish, so I need to know the following:

    1. should I just override the existing files without placing them in MYCUSTOM folder under the Spanish directory? The files I need to change reside on includes/languages/spanish

    2. I need to change HEADER.PHP but I show two:
    - includes/languages/spanish/header.php
    -m includes/languages/spanish/simple_zen/header.php

    which one should I change?

    I am kind of confused about the SIMPLE_ZEN folder.. in the English directory there is none such folder so I don't know why in the Spanish directory it exists and why when I saved INDEX.PHP in the MYCUSTOM folder that I created under the Spanish directory it did not take it.




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