This is just no good.

I posted earlier about some DIVs not lining up, I had just noticed that the problem is not with the DIV properties but the container for the whole description/content area.

I have been Inspecting Elements, wading through the styles, but where are these extra 10 pixels coming from?

The pages that it shows on, specifically: - homepage, you see the divs not align correctly. - same thing, same fashion.

I have found out the following details through trial-and-error:

#mainWrapper {stylesheet.css (line 194)

If I change the text-align to center or right, it moves the image (but not the div), and center-aligning actually lines up the image to the DIV...


I cannot have all my text centered, due to layout/legibility issues.

What is the best way for me to go around this issue?



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