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    Default SIM issue - 3 digit CVV error not shows-up properly

    Hi All,

    Our client use SIM to process credit card in his store, Authorize working good when processing correct CC number/name/date/CVV etc. Order went through.

    When customer input wrong CC number the decline error string from Authorize shows-up as below, so this is good.

    This transaction has been declined. - Your credit card could not be authorized for this reason. Please correct the information and try again or contact us for further assistance.

    But when customer enter wrong CVV number (but correct CC number), there is no specific error string mentioning failed 3 digit CVV verification, instead the above code shows-up, so customer might not know specifically that the error was on their CVV number only.

    We have friend which can get 3 digit error codes from but he use different cart (not Zencart), so we think Authorize should have this error string but somehow can't be shown in ZenCart?

    Please advise us how to solve this problem



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    Default Re: SIM issue - 3 digit CVV error not shows-up properly

    Have you tested the same thing using the AIM module instead? It tends to give more detailed messages.

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