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    Default Captcha for contact us page

    I want a CAPTCHA on my contact page, I noticed there are several that add one to registration, but I don't want one on registration, just on the contact us page.

    Any suggestions on a good module to get?


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    Default Re: Captcha for contact us page

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    Default Re: Captcha for contact us page

    We just added a new module that blocks form spam submissions without requiring CAPTCHA on your Contact Us and Tell-a-Friend forms. (So your forms can look like regular forms again.)

    The Form Armor Module for Zen Cart is at:

    The module works with the Contact and Tell-a-Friend forms in your ZC shop and integrates with the Form Armor anti-spam service. Form Armor is a paid subscription service ($9/month) and when you use the Module for Zen Cart, a portion of your subscription fee goes straight back to support the Zen Cart project each month.

    Lemme know if you have questions. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Captcha for contact us page

    We don't usually give personal recommendations for a particular product on the forum, but we are using Form Armor on the Zen Cart forms for the support site. The former flood of spam has slowed to a tiny trickle.

    Please do not PM for support issues: a private solution doesn't benefit the community.

    Be careful with unsolicited advice via email or PM - Make sure the person you are talking to is a reliable source.



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