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    red flag Problem with SSL and Admin Settings.

    I've installed Zen-Cart on a Hostgator shared hosting server (using their supplied Fantastico installation script.) I have a private SSL certificate, and I have enabled the SSL in the two configure.php files. (one instance in includes..., and 2 instances in admin/includes...) Now, whenever I make a change to the administrative settings, such as store name, or template selection, the field just goes blank if I am on HTTPS server. If I disable my redirect so I can go in on an HTTP page it works fine. Also, when I try to save a change under the HTTPS page in Firefox I get a warning that says something to the effect of, "This is an encrypted page but the information you are sending is being sent over an unencrypted channel and someone could see it."

    Can anyone tell me how to resolve this? Please?? I need to get this site live ASAP.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Problem with SSL and Admin Settings.

    I take it your site has a dedicated IP address and the SSL certificate has been installed?

    Hostgator will supply you with the HTTPS paths.

    When SSL warnings are displayed, it can mean that there is an element on the page that is not being transmitted through the HTTPS server (such as a full URL to either an image or other hyplerlinked resource).
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