Hi all,

I am using and install successful of the
"Group Pricing (Per Item) v1.2.1a" Module

Later then I try to install the "MSRP Display v1.1" on it together.

I know the coding and files that need to change are right.

But not good lucky. It not work....

When the customers login, it will show a error:

"1146 Table 'rctoplis_b137so.yourprefix_customers' doesn't exist
[select gp.group_name from yourprefix_customers cu left join yourprefix_group_pricing gp on cu.customers_group_pricing=gp.group_id where cu.customers_id = 3]"

I am don't know why, and what is wrong.

Anyone can successful install both of them and can make them run together?

Thank you of your time.

Best Regards,