Sorry if this has been asked before but I have searched and can't find anything similar. I would think this would have come up before, maybe I just overlooked it.

I have a client who wants to run a members only shop. They must have and account to shop. When they create an account it must be approved by the administrator.

I've setup the Customer Approval Status - Authorization Pending to 1= Must be Authorized to Browse and Customer Shop Status - View Shop and Prices to 1= Must login to browse.

This provides for what I need except for one major problem.

I am using Zen Cart for the entire site design and have setup several EZPages for things like contact info, upcoming events, directions, etc..

With the 2 settings I've mentioned above it restricts access to the entire site until the account is approved. This is not good. I need to have users browse the other pages just not the products section.

Is there any solution, even a hack would be acceptable. Anything to get this to work.

Thanks in advance