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    email error CAPTCHA AND Contact Us change

    Hi. I recently managed to successfully install the CAPTCHA feature in my Contact Us page and after testing the e-mails, I can receive e-mails when a new user subscribes, but I get no email messages whenever I use the Contact form without being logged on to my site.

    This concerns me for once the site is ready, if a potential customer has a valid question that would make him or her decide to sign up, I will never get their question due to the reason explained above. After clicking the Send button, a confirmation appears on the screen that the e-mail has been sent, but I never got it. I already checked all my e-mail settings and they are ok. That includes no misspellings or e-mail address.

    Can anyone help here?. Thanks.

    P.S. By the way, thanks to those who helped me with questions I had before about the CAPTCHA installation.

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    Default Re: CAPTCHA AND Contact Us change

    This does not appear to be a ZC or Captcha problem.

    I have Captcha on several sites, and ALL "Contact Us" forms work perfectly - both for non-customers and registered customers.

    We test this weekly, and on all sites, we receive the test messages we send within a couple of seconds.



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