I've had an SSL certificate installed and now I can't login, either to the front end 'My Account' or Admin.

ZC was previously installed via Fantasico on cPanel and therefore there are no instructions. I've searched on here and on the Wiki and still can't find any instructions regarding SSL.

I've discovered there are two config files that I've added the https bit to both but with lack of instructions I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. There are lines with 'true' and 'false' so don't know whether these need changing or not.

On the front-end shop, a previously registered user just gets thrown back to the logon page on both http: and httpS: and the same happens on admin (so I can't get into the site to change anything in admin)

I registered another user on the front end and the confirmation email has been generated etc, but this new user still can't logon.

Does anyone have sample config files so I know what I am supposed to be changing for the SSL

Many thanks for any help