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    Default Save For Later Support Thread

    When you're shopping on, you may have noticed that on the shopping cart page, items can be deleted from the cart but they can also be "saved for later." These items remain visible to the customer but are not included in the current checkout.

    This functionality is now available in Zen Cart with my Save For Later mod. You can see screenshots and a link to a cart where you can try it out on my home page at

    The download is here:

    All the files in this mod are new except for the shopping cart template; significant changes were made on this page, and my recommendation is that you install the version from this mod and then merge your changes in rather than vice versa.

    This mod is aligned with Zen Cart 1.3.8; it has not been tested with (and is not recommended for) older versions.

    If you like and profit from this mod (or indeed any of my contributions), donations are encouraged; PayPal to help at thatsoftwareguy dot com.
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