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    Default Debug logging- PayPal

    I followed the instructions here

    but when I get to /includes/modules/payment/paypal ... the paypal folder is not underlined/clickable ... nothing inside.

    The reason I was doing this was because the ZenCart I'm working on keeps looping back through the checkout process. If I click "confirm order" in "Step 3 of 3 - Order Confirmation" I'm brought back to "Step 2 of 3" and it keeps looping me back around. I'm using PayPal Express Checkout and followed the instructions

    "In your PayPal account, enable Instant Payment Notification:
    under "Profile", select Instant Payment Notification Preferences * click the checkbox to enable IPN * if there is not already a URL specified, set the URL to:

    Here's the site I'm talking about:

    Thank you so much for your help ... the support here is great!

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    Default Re: Debug logging- PayPal

    Quote Originally Posted by nvisages View Post
    ... but when I get to /includes/modules/payment/paypal ... the paypal folder is not underlined/clickable ... nothing inside.
    If you don't have an /includes/modules/payment/paypal/logs/ folder, you'll need to create it, and make it writable. You should also add a blank index.html file in that folder, to prevent people from snooping your logs.
    The original Zen Cart fileset contains the log folder and security files.

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