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    Default How to remove address from Customer registration?


    I am configuring the Customer Registration form in the Admin section via the Configuration->Customer Details panel but there are some fields which cannot be turned off. For my customer registration form I only want the following:

    First and last name
    Email address
    Password (and confirm)
    Newsletter subscribe

    However, the Customer Details panel only allows you to remove such fields as Fax, State, Second line of Address and DOB etc. rather than the whole address and telephone number. Is there any other way of removing these fields?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: How to remove address from Customer Details?

    There are no switches for turning these off, you would have to change the source code, both the templates that include them and the code that validates the inputs in both the users' broswers and back on your server. You will likely run into problems elsewhere too, since other parts of the code, sometimes want to know parts of the customers address. I vaguely remember removing the country field for a client, but then having to hard-code it back in (out of sight) as Zen Cart objected to it being unset.

    All this is up for grabs with the major release of Zen Cart planned for after 2.0.0, when the checkout is the focus and I understand that this encompass account creation.
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    Default Re: How to remove address from Customer Details?

    I would like to do what Memerson desribed, is it possible to do this yet with the new zen cart release?

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    Default Re: How to remove address from Customer registration?

    I would also like to remove Telephone number from being a mandatory input on Customer account creation. You can set the minimum value to zero in Minimum Values, and that releases the customer from having to enter it, but since the little red asterisk remains on the sign-up page, the customer won't know that it's no longer required. Maybe a solution? Or have to wait for 2.0? Thanks.

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    Default Re: How to remove address from Customer registration?

    Using your templates and overrides you can customize the english.php where the define for that is set ...

    Search the file for phone and you will see where it is set to:
      define('ENTRY_TELEPHONE_NUMBER_TEXT', '*');
    change that to:
      define('ENTRY_TELEPHONE_NUMBER_TEXT', '');
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