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    red flag orders are paid for but zen cart not showing them (ATOS module)

    I am using 1.3.8a for a french store

    The payment gateway is ATOS, which is the only option for our french bank.

    We are finding frequent (one in 3) orders paid for and then the order never showing as completed in the zencart.

    I have been informed that this occurs with Paypal sometimes as well because when the payment is made off-site the customer is not always returned to zencart, thus zencart does not know to change the status of the basket to a placed order.

    We have to check the bank daily, then check recover cart sales module in tools to look for baskets from the clients who have made payments. This issue obviously has to be resolved, if it takes switching banks or carts.

    For now, I can not figure out how we "place" the order so that it processes the basket that is stuck in limbo.

    If I login as the customer I can go to the cart with the paid for items but I would have to pay for them again to get it to process.

    Do we have to do something as convoluted as turning off the cart late at night and turing on the "credit card" offline processing in test mode, change their email so they don't get notified about a purchase they believe they have already made, then change it all back once the order is out of the basket?

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    Default Re: orders are paid for but zen cart not showing them

    There is a debug utility that I think can assist is finding out why you somtimes are not receiving the response back from the gateway...check in the admin > modules > payment > your module > for a logging setting

    The issue with PayPal is not as you posted and has little to do with being returned and more to do with PP communication back.

    Many times this can be traced to a time out and if this, it can be adjusted by your host
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    Default Re: orders are paid for but zen cart not showing them

    Thank you for the info, I will talk to the host about the timeout issue and the logging. We are paying a developer with experience with the payment module to try to debug it.

    Any suggestions on how to get the previously failed carts processed so the money is included in the sales data, without any inconvenience to the customer? Julie

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    Default Re: orders are paid for but zen cart not showing them (ATOS module)

    has there been any light shed on the problem your encountering?
    we've just had one order that has slipped through to and we're using a different payment platform.

    so any information you find would be greatly recieved :)

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    Default Re: orders are paid for but zen cart not showing them (ATOS module)

    Incidentally, I just posted a thread in the add-ons forum with an identical problem.

    We use Moneris and I'm convinced that the problem has to do with the approved/declined URLs that I set in my processor's backend.



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