Hi there, I have designed my Zen Cart and added ONE item to it in order to test the cart. It works great to the point where the credit card is accepted. (I used the demo "[email protected]" to test it). My problem is that I have no idea wheter the customer is going to be given the oppertunity to download the file after a successful transaction. When I do the test, I'm redirected to my site's home page. I sorry for the inconvenience, but are you able to advise in this regard? I used this URL as stated in your readme.txt file in the ZenCart zip file: "http://www.hnpub.co.za/zen/index.php?main_page=checkout_process"

I thank you in anticipation.

PS: I use version 1.3.8a
View the cart here: http://hnpub.co.za/zen