I am selling reproductions of paintings. Those reproductions are sold either as albums (containing for instance 12 leaves), or as independant leaves. For each album, I intend to present the album on a specific page (the independant leaves are displayed on this page, using additional pictures). But I would also like to display all the leaves of the album on another product page, and allow the customer to select some (or all) of the leaves.

Note that all the leaves have the same price.

I have tried to use Attribute Images for that matter (one of the leaves is displayed at the top of the product page, and all the leaves are displayed as Attribute Images in the 2nd part of the page. A checkbox allows the customer to select the leaves he intends to buy). The problem is that the total price invoiced to the customer is always (number of selected leaves + 1)*price_of_leaf, when it should be (number of leaves)*price_of_leaf.

Is there any way to have a the correct price computed by ZC, or is it needed to modify the code for that matter?

Note that I would like to avoid the display of 'Starting at...' at the top of the product page, so Attribute Pricing might not be the solution.