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    Default mysql 5 and v1.2.6


    I want to migrate an old version of zencart to a new server that is currently running mysql 5....

    Obviously out of the box this didn't work too well. I read on the wiki there was a list of modifications I could make to the code that would allow me to do this. however when I click on the link I don't get anything. Can someone tell what the modifications are or where to get a list of them?

    Thanks much.
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    Default Re: mysql 5 and v1.2.6

    if they upgraded mysql they most likely updated php as well

    between those two factors ( ZC 1.2 dosnt play nice with either )
    and the sheer number of holes that have been plugged it would be quicker to actually upgrade to 1.3.8 then to try to patch what you have
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