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    Default Paypal supports negative amounts as line items now


    (4) – Item unit price. This field specifies exactly how much one unit of the item costs. It can be a positive or negative value but not zero.

    L_AMTn - Amount - Item unit price. PayPal calculates the product of the item unit price and item unit quantity (below) in the Amount column of the PayPal Review page, as shown in PayPal Review Page With Order Details. The item unit price can be a positive or a negative value but not 0. You may provide a negative value to reflect a discount on an order, for example.

    The problem I am having with Express Checkout in Zencart 1.3.7 with the June 17 patch is discount coupons. If the three checkout steps are done first with a discount code then Paypal does not show line items and also shows the incorrect total (without the discount). It still works and charges the discounted total in the end, but customers are confused and are not finishing orders because they think it's broke.

    Just curious if someone more qualified like DrByte and familiar with the code would be able to figure out or help me with code to add discounts as a line item now that Paypal supports it?

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    Default Re: Paypal supports negative amounts as line items now

    There is no further development happening on v1.3.7 or v1.3.8. Only security patches will be released for those versions, if necessary.

    The "negative amounts as line items" functionality has been in testing with mixed results (some good, some bad) for the v2.0.0 release. It is uncertain to what degree it will be implemented in the final 2.0.0 product. Final determination will be a result of internal testing and beta testing.

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    Default Re: Paypal supports negative amounts as line items now

    Thanks DrByte, as always it's amazing how fast you respond.

    Guess I will just try to fix this bug on my own.



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