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    Default Making more than one copy of a product


    Im now moving from virtuemart to zen cart.
    I create new products, instead of merging, but i would like to make 10-15 copies of one product in a category (just changing pictures).
    I have a lot of products to copy and it would be great to make 15 copies in one click instead of one by one. Is there any way this could be done?

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    Default Re: Making more than one copy of a product

    Are the products actually best presented as separate products, or would they be appropriate to handle as color/size/whatever variants of a single product?

    There is not a one-click/multiple copy method, but it is quite fast to make each copy, especially if they are staying in the same category. Each of the copies can then be tweaked with distinct name, picture, etc.

    For product variants/options, look at Attributes in the tutorials. There are many ways they can be presented compactly, and all the images can be used as attribute images.



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