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    Default need help editing a price of an item after order is placed

    i want to be able to edit a price of items in an order already placed.

    for example, a personal friend orders item A for $30. i want to give it to him for $28. How do i edit that?

    i thought "edit orders" would be able to do that, but i dont think it can


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    Default Re: need help editing a price of an item after order is placed

    If this friend is going to do more shopping on your site, then just issue him/her a $2.00 coupon, good toward the next purchase, then before he/she comes back to your site, create a group called "Friends", in Admin>Customers>Group Pricing, and give them a % discount. Be sure that after you create your Group Pricing, that you add your friend in the "Friend" Group. To do this, go to Admin>Customers> your friends name, click "Edit", then down at the bottom you will see "Discount Pricing Group". Select your group (Friends) in the dropdown, and save.

    Hope this helps.
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