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    Default Need to know how to do a few things......

    If people are able to go here please do, i have a few questions:

    1. The banner at the top, you can see underneath there is a small white space just before the blue starts again, if i make the banner bigger it fills that space, but if i make it smaller (as it displays now) you can just see white, how can i make that area smaller so that white area can not be seen?

    Let me know, zen cart is great so far though.

    Oh, the other question is... is there any way after fixing the above problem that i can change the banner to make it flash, i have a flash banner where the text moves and i would like to use that if it is at all possible, if so, please give me some detailed explinations on how to make that work

    Thank you very much for reading, and i look forward to hearing you replies :)


    ** EDITED *** Never ever post in a forum, email, newsletter etc. the zenid or zenAdminID or you will be doomed!!
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