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    Hi everyone,

    I'm not sure if this falls in this forum or not, but here goes.

    On my site, I'd like to minimize the amount of white space that goes horizontally across my screen, which hopefully would "raise" the bottom end of the site, giving it a more full feel.

    If this is possible, can someone supply me with where to go on hsphere, and the appropriate codes needs to change?



    Here's the site

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    I hope I did understand you well. If so, you could try this:

    The height of the horizontal white bar is made by the INFORMATION box.

    In your stylesheet the class .box_head has a padding top of 17px and padding bottom of 8px; (line 5).
    You could try to reduces these values.

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    Hey Fred_

    Thanks for your help. I'm tweaking the stylesheet_tm file, and though I'm still trying to figure out how to do what I need done, I'm having fun playing with px numbers and seeing how the changes affect the site.

    Found in: includes/templates/MY TEMPLATE/css/stylesheet_tm

    This is actually better than I thought lol.

    Thanks for your input




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