I am having trouble getting easy populate to install correctly.

As I don't absolutely know what the end result should be, excuse me if I am not clear.

I download EP csv. That I get right

I upload all the files to their correct places. And create a tempEP directory.

So, far so good. In tools I can see an easy populate box so I click on it. I get a message saying that the filelist.php file can not be found.

I wonder if I need to do the sql patch so try that which results in a large which results in an error ( I'll paste that at the bottom)


Well when I look at EP the following becomes evident.

The tempEP directory is not recognised. Files EP creates are stored in the root of the shop (ie mydomain/shop/) So, I think AAAAHHHHAAAA and try and put the filelist.php at that level rather than the tempEP folder.

Well, that makes EP a bit more functional. I can save files to that location and load files from that location. But the EP interface is still messed up.

Also, having read around the forum I think that I should have a menu entry in the configure menu. Is this cor rect?

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

1062 Duplicate entry 'EASYPOPULATE_CONFIG_TEMP_DIR' for key 2
[INSERT INTO configuration VALUES ('', 'Uploads Directory', 'EASYPOPULATE_CONFIG_TEMP_DIR', 'tempEP/', 'Name of directory for your uploads (default: tempEP/).', last_insert_id(), '0', NULL, now(), NULL, NULL), ('', 'Upload File Date Format', 'EASYPOPULATE_CONFIG_FILE_DATE_FORMAT', 'm-d-y', 'Choose order of date values that corresponds to your uploads file, usually generated by MS Excel. Raw dates in your uploads file (Eg 2005-09-26 09:00:00) are not affected, and will upload as they are.', last_insert_id(), '1', NULL, now(), NULL, 'zen_cfg_select_option(array("m-d-y", "d-m-y", "y-m-d"),'), ('', 'Default Raw Time', 'EASYPOPULATE_CONFIG_DEFAULT_RAW_TIME', '09:00:00', 'If no time value stipulated in upload file, use this value. Useful for ensuring specials begin after a specific time of the day (default: 09:00:00)', last_insert_id(), '2', NULL, now(), NULL, NULL), ('', 'Split File On # Records', 'EASYPOPULATE_CONFIG_SPLIT_MAX', '300', 'Default number of records for split-file uploads. Used to avoid timeouts on large uploads (default: 300).', last_insert_id(), '3', NULL, now(), NULL, NULL), ('', 'Maximum Category Depth', 'EASYPOPULATE_CONFIG_MAX_CATEGORY_LEVELS', '7', 'Maximum depth of categories required for your store. Is the number of category columns in downloaded file (default: 7).', last_insert_id(), '4', NULL, now(), NULL, NULL), ('', 'Upload/Download Prices Include Tax', 'EASYPOPULATE_CONFIG_PRICE_INC_TAX', 'false', 'Choose to include or exclude tax, depending on how you manage prices outside of Zen Cart.', last_insert_id(), '5', NULL, now(), NULL, 'zen_cfg_select_option(array("true", "false"),'), ('', 'Make Zero Qty Products Inactive', 'EASYPOPULATE_CONFIG_ZERO_QTY_INACTIVE', 'false', 'When uploading, make the status Inactive for products with zero qty (default: false).', last_insert_id(), '6', NULL, now(), NULL, 'zen_cfg_select_option(array("true", "false"),'), ('', 'Smart Tags Replacement of Newlines', 'EASYPOPULATE_CONFIG_SMART_TAGS', 'true', 'Allows your description fields in your uploads file to have carriage returns and/or new-lines converted to HTML line-breaks on uploading, thus preserving some rudimentary formatting (default: true).', last_insert_id(), '7', NULL, now(), NULL, 'zen_cfg_select_option(array("true", "false"),'), ('', 'Advanced Smart Tags', 'EASYPOPULATE_CONFIG_ADV_SMART_TAGS', 'false', 'Allow the use of complex regular expressions to format descriptions, making headings bold, add bullets, etc. Configuration is in ADMIN/easypopulate.php (default: false).', last_insert_id(), '8', NULL, now(), NULL, 'zen_cfg_select_option(array("true", "false"),'), ('', 'Debug Logging', 'EASYPOPULATE_CONFIG_DEBUG_LOGGING', 'true', 'Allow Easy Populate to generate an error log on errors only (default: true)', last_insert_id(), '9', NULL, now(), NULL, 'zen_cfg_select_option(array("true", "false"),');]
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