Ok I have my store that I want to say show the RETAIL price of each item then show our price.

The way that i'm doing this is

1. Use the SALEMAKER - to discount all the products in category A say 35% - then it shows the price i want to sell.

2. Now say this month I want to run a SPECIAL on 1 item in CAT A.. But when i put on a sale price it very weird way that I have to get it to the price I want. I just can't add in say $25.00 i have to figure out from the % that I have on the sale maker. So the $35.00 item I then Had to Bump the price up to 38.46 to make it $25.00..

3. I"m i setting this up wrong.. or is there a better way to do this..

If you need more explanation let me know..