Just wanted to mention that i have been working with product attribute 1.1.1 and could not find any info on how to use the module.

I then opened up 1.1.0 and found this paragraph but it is not in the latest version 1.1.1

- If you wish to use this module with single attributes, where all options are listed with a Quantity box next to them, set up an attribute called Quantity, which is a Radio type option. Next setup one option value, which has no text defined, so it is just a completely blank value. When you add this to the product, along with another Radio or Dropdown field, it will default to the GRID format. To ensure that the Quanity is always at the top of the grid, set the sort order for this option to -9999.

Has these directions changed (which is why it is missing)?

Thought i would mention it in case it is missing as it could save people from speeding time trying to figure it if it should be there.

Angela H.