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    Default Re: Simple SEO URL [support thread]

    Hi Thanks
    What is zen_href_link function (for ez pages links)


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    Default Programming EZ-Pages links

    This has been moved from the Simple SEO URLs thread since, as asked, it appears to have nothing to with Simple SEO URLs.

    You will find the answer in the EZ-Pages section of the FAQ. Just looks for "How can I program a link to an EZ-Page?"
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    Default Re: Simple SEO URL [support thread]

    Let see if my answer helps:
    There are 2 ways to create links for your zecart store:
    1. The lazy way: hard code the url in your template file
    2. The correct way: use zen_href_link to generate links
    By default, Zencart always use this function to generate link, however, sometimes a developer not familiar with zencart system may be tempted to follow the lazy way.

    It is hard to know exactly how you current ezpage links are coded, so lets first start from there
    If you know how to use firefox's firebug and zencart's developer toolkit already, use it to locate the code that is used to generate your ezpages, post it here. If not, try to see if this article helps:
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