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    Default Language error after moving server

    Hi everyone,

    I have just moved a site to a new server and everything works fine except the following strange error. Just in case I am running ZC 1.38

    Now the site is multilingual with English and Greek available. I can go to the English version and everything shows fine without any problem. When I change over to the default Greek language though then I get all things like BOX_HEADING_CATEGORIES,CATEGORIES_BOX_HEADING_SPECIALS etc. It is like the system can not find the Greek language files.

    I have uploaded the files three different times as well as tried previous backups of the language files but nothing no change. I have tried the same files on a different server (local) and everything is fine.

    Just in case the product categories, products etc everything shows up fine so it is not the db.

    What am I missing? Any ideas will be appreciated.

    If you want to see for yourself the site is at (sorry needs the index.php in the end

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    Default Re: Language error after moving server

    Ok after spending a whole day on it I got the solution and I think it may help others too. Zen Cart it is partially the problem but not solely.

    What happened is that I had created a back up using .tar

    When I unpacked the files and downloaded them on the server the English language files were ok. The Greek files and specifically the include/languages/greek.php was corrupted. The corruption was not picked up by anything. I used file comparison software, code searching and validating with no success. I had to go back a year and find a copy of the file that was the original created and was never compressed. I could then add any changes that I had done since then and worked. My guess is that something happens during compression that non english files are affected and zen cart does not like.

    Anyway hope that helps someone in the future.




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