I've never really used PHP or MySQL, but have been messing with the Orders Exporter add-on to get it to display the products ordered as well as the customer's information. I finally got it to do so properly from the Admin>Reports page (the tax calculation has never been right, but maybe that's because it was designed for version 1.3.7 and I'm using 1.3.8, and I haven't spent time trying to fix that yet), but the export to Excel always skips a column. I believe the issue is somewhere in the code below:
echo "$invoice,".
            zen_display_tax_value($get_tax, true).'%","'.
The coupon data does not export to Excel (although it shows it in the online report version). I've swtiched the Coupon with Products as well, and it doesn't matter what goes in that spot, it never displays in Excel. I've also tried putting the information below the last line of code ($total) and the first column still fails to display. Can anyone let me know what I might be doing wrong?