I'm using ZC 1.3.8a with no pricing-related modules installed.

If I set up a product with attributes, then set up quantity (percentage) discounts for that product, the correct price is not being put into the cart UNLESS I set up a discount for a quantity of one.

Product has two attributes:
blue: $1.00
pink: $2.00

If you purchase 10 products you get a 10% discount.

If I buy 10 products (of either attribute), I get the correct discounted price in the cart; however, if I purchase only 1 pink product the price in the cart shows as the blue price ($1.00). The only way to fix this is to enter a line in the quan discounts with a minimum quantity of 1 and discount of 0. It looks weird on the product discount box; though, because it shows a discount quantity for 1 product, then a discount quantity for 1-9, and a discount quantity for 10+.

I seem to remember this issue before but I haven't been able to find the thread. Is there a fix for this?