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    bug After adding CAPTCHA, Account Registration Loses Password Not Saved

    To try to get a handle on spam, we chose the following CAPTCHA product for its ease of installation. 2 others required more file edits and databasing, and in the end they did not work as desired.

     * Captcha Module
     * Customized by: Mohnish Ghodekar [email protected] to:
     * - implement capctha system for registration form
     * - Shows security code on customer registration form
     * @package modules
     * @copyright Copyright 2003-2009 Zen Cart Development Team
     * @copyright Portions Copyright 2003 osCommerce
     * @license GNU Public License V2.0
     * @version $Id:captcha.php 1.0
    Here is the odd behavior:

    If on registration the user is lucky or bright enough to enter all their information correctly, including the CAPTCHA image, then the password field information is stored just fine. If they make errors that are caught by javascript validations, you get the same result upon correction: password stores fine.

    If, however, the user does something not caught by javascript, like fails to select a state from the pull-down selector, or mis-types the CAPTCHA information, and then submits, the error is caught by PHP, which should otherwise be fine, except now, the password does not record in the database. The interesting fact is that the password field appears to have been populated, but after error, somehow this population is never recorded correctly in the insert statement.

    I would like to customize the PHP and make blank the password field on form submission error and cause the user to need to retype the passwords if they blow it. I believe this will go a long way toward solving the issues.

    Can anybody please direct me to the location in the ZenCart universe where this procedure lives? Thanks very much!
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    Default Re: After adding CAPTCHA, Account Registration Loses Password Not Saved

    OK, if nobody has a handle on that, can anybody tell me where among the scripts to look to see where the actual insert statement for the `customers_password` field in table `customers` is intended to take place, because obviously something had gone dramatically wrong with that process since adding the captcha.php. I am not saying the CAPTCHA script is breaking stuff, I am just saying the halt in passwords being recorded is temporally related to use of CAPTCHA technology, maybe not even this script.

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    Default Re: After adding CAPTCHA, Account Registration Loses Password Not Saved

    hey i have a question regarding this:

    Where do I put the captcha.php file? I haven't encountered that problem yet....




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