I recently upgraded to the PayPal Website Payments Pro, and have integrated it into my Zen Cart system (1.3.8 updated from 1.3.7)

I have been receiving orders, and PayPal has been processing the credit cards, but my zen cart is still receiving the first and last 4 digits of the customers card # as well as the expiry date. Should this be happening?

Also, there was a customer who purchased with a cc, and paypal processed it and I have the money in my pp account, but Zen didn't send me an email notification of the order (and I'm now wondering if it sent one to the customer). I just happened to find it while processing another order.

One more thing; when I log into my PayPal account, there's a "Next Steps" box, and inside is written "Integrate Website Payments Pro". I'm wondering if I missed a step in the integration, which is why I'm still getting some of the cc number and still telling me to integrate!

I'm wondering if someone could shed some light on the situation?