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    help question Discount on U.P.S Shipping

    Hello everyone,
    i am looking to get ups rates then give a dollar or % discount to them before showing it to my customers, Example: you ad product to my cart, click on estimate shipping cost, ups gives a next day air rate of $45.00, i want to give a 25% discount to that rate, making the rate shown to customer $33.75 for next day air.

    does anyone know if this can be done?

    thank you for your time in this matter

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    Default Re: Discount on U.P.S Shipping

    Customize the UPS shipping module with something like:
            // EOF: UPS USPS
    echo 'I SEE ' . $type . '<br>';
    $discount = 0.00;
    if ($type == '1DA') {
      $discount = .75;
            $methods[] = array('id' => $type,
                               'title' => $this->types[$type],
                               'cost' => (($cost * $discount) + MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_HANDLING) * $shipping_num_boxes);
    What that will do is show you the value of the $type and apply a 25% discount when set to 1DA ...

    This let's you see the $type and you can build your IF conditions from that ... later comment out the echo with // in front of it ...

    NOTE: your screen will look goofy as heck ... but it is a quick way to see what needs to be customized ...
    Linda McGrath
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