Hello everybody,
i'm using ZenCart for quite a few years now and it always works great. But now i have a slight problem that i just can't get my head around.
I'm trying to shorten the check-out procedure and incorporate the Checkout without Account module.
I'm using the latest ZenCart version, 1.3.8a, and the COWA module.

I've copied the tpl_checkout_shipping page with matching HEADER_php.php info (includes->modules->pages->checkout_shipping) to tpl_shopping_cart and matching header.php and it shows the cart content and the possibility to chose a shipping option on 1 page now.

When clicking the continue-button it goes to checkout_payment. When there is no account it redirects to the Log in page, which i redirected straight to the no_account page of COWA, thus elminating the split login screen.

After entering your contact info, it goes back to checkout_payment. Here the payment options are shown which are NOT excluded based on the chosen shipping option. Then it goes on to checkout_confirmation etc.

The only thing is that the shipping option I've chosen on the shopping_cart page isn't remembered/saved correctly and Zencart uses the one that was checked by default. When I go back to the cart, after I've registered, and change the shipping option, it goes directly back to check_out_payment and the right options are displayed etc. So, it does work, just not on the first go when I'm not registered yet.

Finishing up, how can i get zenCart to remember/save the correct shipping option ? I've tried adding $_SESSION['shipping'] [id]->set_snapshot(); in the header_php.php of includes->modules->pages-> checkout_payment, but that doesn't do the trick.

Any suggestions or solutions ?

Thanks in advance.